Gurkha Cigars

The Gurkha Cigar Company got its start in the late 1980s.  It was founded by a man named Kaizad Hansotia who came from a family that specialized in the manufacture of luxury timepieces.  Kaizad was born in India but was raised in Hong Kong and London.  In 1989 Kaizad was on vacation in India and met a man there who was rolling and selling cigars; he decided to buy the man’s entire stock and brand for a mere $150.  This brand was Gurkha cigars.  When he purchased these cigars his intention was to give his watch customers a complimentary cigar as a unique gift with their purchase.   One of the first people to receive a box of these Gurkha cigars was a friend of Kaizad who owned a duty-free shop.  The cigars were an instant hit with his friend, but he liked them so much that he wanted to buy more of them.  Kaizad wasn’t expecting this kind of reaction nor did he have many of these cigars, this brought to his attention the potential business opportunity that could come from the success of these cigars.  Shortly after deciding to move forward in the cigar industry, he met with a cigar maker by the name of Charlie Torano.

Kaizad decided that he wanted to try his hand in the cigar industry, but he knew that he had to do something different to compete.  Kaizad decided that he wanted to challenge the way that cigars had been packaged for all these years.  He wanted his products to have a different look than the traditional cigars that had been around for years.  For cigar smokers to pick up his new brand, his strategy was to design his products to practically jump off the shelves.  The Gurkha cigar brand has since become a high end cigar brand in the premium cigar market.  There is a lot of attention to detail and focus that goes into the making of each Gurkha cigar.

Kaizad began experimenting with his cigars by infusing them.  He introduced a cigar called the Grand Reserve that retailed for $12 a stick, which was an unheard of price back then, however what made these cigars pricey was that fact that these sticks were infused with a vintage cognac, making it well worth the price.  In 1996 Kaizad took infusion to the next level when he infused 18 year old tobacco with a bottle of Louis XIII de Remy Martin.  He made only a limited amount of these, and they became the most expensive cigars ever made.  These cigars retailed at $15,000 for a box of 20.  There are so many great sticks in the Gurkha line that are great additions to anyone’s humidor, and many at great prices so you can try them all!

The wide range of Gurkha Cigars includes Gurkha Legend,  Gurkha Ancient Reserve, Gurkha Ancient Warrior, Gurkha Assassin, Gurkha Avenger G5, Gurkha Black Beauty, Gurkha Black Dragon, Gurkha Signature Black 1887 to name a few.

Gurkha Godzilla Rare Limited Edition Sampler Gurkha Grand Reserve 5 Pack Cigar Sampler



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